Friday, May 15, 2009

A name for today..

Any of you who have older siblings might relate.
You know that time when you don't have any kids of your own yet and you're hanging out with your soo cool nieces and nephews and they finally utter your name and it feels like a million bucks? Yep. I remember begging my nephews to say Ju-Ju and when they finally associated me with Ju-Ju, it was awesome.

Today was the first day that I can ever remember hearing Allie call me Juwee. Close enough right?! At first it took a second to register that yes, she's calling me by my first name. And then flooded the memories of the aforementioned nephew name calling. It was cute but then.... it wasn't cute at all. I was her mom, I earned that position and I'll not be having her call me by my first name. After a minute of it she gave up but as she's in the tub playing this morning she's all, "Help me Juwee, help me....Juwee? " - she needed some toys - And I was all "Oh no you din't, I'm your mom, you'll address me as mom!"

Okay, Juwee.

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