Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christas 08!

Such a fun time we had! We got a crazy amount of snow and played and played and opened gifts and ate and ate and ate. Allie and I were up at 6 AM on Christmas day. I think I've slept in once on Christmas and it was because we were all sick. I LOVE Christmas morning! I kept Allie away from the gifts for a while but she did sneak in and saw the chairs that Santa brougt. Then everyone FINALLY woke up and we made the mess that was Christmas morning. So fun! That morning we went to gma C' house for breakfast then back to our home and we got to stay home while the snow fell and the wind blew and blew. We stayed cozy in our new couches and enjoyed family over and playing games. That was so nice not to have to deal with the wind and snow! Thanks for coming to our house Wood's!

Other pictures in the pack of pictures include our bowling party and Santa's visit. Allie screamed her little head off when it was her turn to go see Santa. She DID NOT like Santa up close. E was pretty taken back as well. She ran to me when he arrived but did sit on his lap and was really good about it.

There are pictures of some of our family members too. Have a great new year tonight! Let's party!

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Kenzie said...

Hey Julie!
So good to see you at the wedding. I hope you are doing well. You are such a cutie! Take care and keep in touch!
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