Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Days Left!

Yay! 3 more days is all that's left before the big day. I don't know exactly why but I've been excited for Christmas for several months now and here we are only 3 days away. I've been diligent in keeping the advent calandar up to date and so have our girls. Every morning E reminds me that we have forgotten to eat our chocolate that day. So, we trudge in to the kitchen and pop open that days worth of cheap chocolate and more mornings than not, that's the first thing both my girls eat that day. :) It's all good right? Christmas comes only once a year.

I'm super excited with all the snow we're receiving in preparation for the Holiday but after it's over, then comes that dreaded snow that hopefully will last no longer than the end of February.

Our daughters are one of the main reasons I'm excited. Ellyse is asking for a Swim Doll. Jason asked for movies, most of all The Dark Knight, which has risen to a new height of fame in our household. I'm asking for a really nice toaster oven. Allie's has no main concerns but she sure knows what presents are. The other day when I decided to give her her new boots as an early present, I asked her "Allie, do you want to open a present?" At this point in time, I'd gone and got it and was holding it in my hand and she still ran all the way up the stairs, to the tree, and pointed to the presents under it. She still takes quite a bit of time opening the things so it's a good thing we've changed the schedule around a little bit on Christmas morning to allow for more present opening time.

I certainly hope that all of you have a wonderful couple of days celebrating with family and friends and I wish you health in this crazy time of year. Have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Julie

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