Sunday, August 17, 2008

Star Party!

Last night we had the awesome opportunity to go up to Snowbasin Ski Resort and see the spectacular view from up there and also take a closer look at some stars, planets, and constellations from the telescopes that WSU provided. We went with the Wood's and Jake T. The beauty of the entire trip was amazing! I'm not a skiier but because of the beauty of that place, I nearly changed my mind. I wouldn't mind skiing there at all! It'd take me all day to get down the hill but hey, I'd have a wonderful view to stare at all day! The area really took Jason and I off guard! I had skiied up there as a kid with the fam but hadn't been there in ages so, it really was a shocker for me.

We ate dinner at The Oaks Restaurant in the canyon, which bytheway, if you ever want to eat outside there by the river on a weekend night, call ahead and make reservations! We waited for an hour for a table. Luckily, we had great scenery to look at and good company there as we passed the time!

Because of how long it took to get through with dinner, we cancelled our plans to go over to the Balloon Festival and headed straight to Snowbasin. Ellyse kept talking about the "box" we were going to get to ride up the mountain in. She and Allie both LOVED the gondola ride up there! Allie kept grunting and pointing at everything and Ellyse had a grin on her face most of the trip! We got up there and had to see the much raved about bathrooms that Diane's friend Jane had told her about. They were quite the thing to see! Fancy Schmancy Restrooms! We headed outside to the breathtaking views and telescopes and we all had a really great time! Ellyse kept asking when we were going to go back in the box for a ride. :)


Mindy Barker said...

HEY there Julie. Your blog is adorable but I had no doubt that it wouldn't be. You have the cutest little family. Thanks for being such a great neighbor.

Mindy Barker said...

Hey Julie. Just wondering if I can get your e-mail address. You can e-mail it to me at Thanks!