Monday, May 12, 2008

Kudos to those who know how to act like decent human beings

You know, there are times when I act up but c'mon people. We were able to get tickets to go the the playoff game on Friday (GO JAZZ!!) and there were some rude, dumb, and idiotic people that surrounded our seats. There was this one guy who kept standing up and we're up in the nose bleed seats so every time someone stands up, they're in the way of someone else's view. HE HAD THE HARDEST TIME SITTING DOWN! He kept standing up and in the weirdest moments too. I ended up yelling at him to sit down and so did some people behind us. I mean you have to realize people are behind you, don't you? And what's worse, there was a little kid sitting two rows behind him. Poor kid had to keep getting up and moving to see. That was another annoying thing, the kid kept playing in the aisles. All things considered it wasn't that bad but he was like 9 or something, aren't 9-year-olds suppose to know how to sit in an assigned seat? Then there were the people in front of us they kept turning around to watch for security because they're buddy in the kiddy corner aisle had an air horn and kept that going for a while. It's annoying to have someone that's right in front of you keep turning around; enough already, you're here to watch the game so watch the game. And to top it all off, the lovely Laker fans behind us decided to either spill or intentionally pour their beer all over our shirts that we got as a free gift. Marvelous!! People have no couth sometimes. It's a goood thing it was a good game and it's an even better thing that we won. Go Jazz!

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