Sunday, May 4, 2008

Allie's 1st birthday party!

Here's the before pictures when Ellyse and Allie were anxiously awaiting their party guests Friday night.
This is what happens when you're trying to take pictures of the birthday girl and the 3 year old gets jealous.

The first present from gparents Egan's. She loved to play with the wheels but when gpa Boyd went to put her on it, she screamed bloody murder. :)

She was super spoiled by all her aunts and uncles and grandparents giving her all the many fun gifts she got! Thanks everybody.

The traditional eating of her first bday cake. She got it all over her hands and wouldn't do much else with it besides look at me as if begging me to clean her hands. It was cute though because when she did eat it, she said mmmm. :)
Here's her Princess crown cake that took momma about 4 days to complete. It was fun though. Happy birthday Allie babbas! Thanks to all who came and had so much fun!

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