Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day

After the last post and reading my other friends blogs, I feel guilty for my pessimism. I had such a wonderful day yesterday and I didn't even take the time to write about it. We went up to see Dallin for the first time in a year and 1/2. She returned home from her mission Saturday and had her homecoming (yeah, I know it's not suppose to be called that anymore, so what do you call it then?) But we got to go see her and I also got to see an old neighbor from the condo days and that was super nice! Then we got to go stuff our faces with yummy homecoming food (yes, I know I'm going to hell). Later, we had my fam come over to our house for more yummy food and the Jazz game and Mother's day and chit chatting, which was all good. I was able to be with my lovely girls who acted perfectly yesterday, a gift in and of itself. My husband and kids gave me a wonderful plaque and a gift certificate to Ruby River. YUM. Can you tell I like food? I got some yummy smelling lotion and a card from my parents-in-laws and some cool shoes and a card from my parents. Since when do mom's give gifts to their children on Mother's day? I have a great family and I had a wonderful relaxing day yesterday! We even got to have yummy scones and hang out with the Wood's later that evening and swing on the neighbor's swings and cuddle with my cuddlebug, Allie. I have a great family and I had a wonderful relaxing day yesterday! Happy Mother's day to all the mother's out there. It's a hard hard wonderful thing to be a mom!

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