Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!!!

Merry Christmas 2007! What a fun time of year. Unfortunately, poor Ellyse had the hives from her amoxicylyn she was taking. We weren't aware of how much Benadryl to give her so, we gave her a lot less than she could have had so, the poor girl had to deal with the swelling and itches until the day after Christmas. We took her to the doctor and found out the correct dosage to give her and ta da, as soon as we gave her the right amount, she was a completely different kido. Poor kid had to deal with the hives for way too long! They started Sunday night and lasted until Wednesday. Whoops. We just didn't dare give her more because of what the label on the Benadryl bottle said. She couldn't even walk because of the swelling in her feet. Poor kid. Other than that, things were wonderful.
Christmas Eve was spent up at my parent's home with Amy and Daren's families. It was a lot of noise but always good times when we all get together. We trecked down in the falling snow to Margaret and Ben's home for dinner that evening. Only half of the crowd was there because of the snow storm that hit that night. Talk about perfect weather for Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day, it was so sunny and beautiful.
Christmas morning, Jason and I woke up about 1 1/2 hours earlier than both the girls. We wanted to let Lesee sleep as much as possible so we got up and got ready and then woke them up. Little Lesee just sat in the big chair as we handed her her gifts and Allie just chilled out on the floor playing with whatever she was given. She really liked her new toys. After Grandparents Wood's came over with their gifts, it was off to grandma Cowles house to eat the traditional breakfast there. Ellyse got some killer sunglasses. We headed to great grandparents Wood's home for a second and gave them their gift and then headed back home for my parents to show up. Unfortunatley, it was nap time and Ellyse had had it so, she laid in bed the whole time they were here and Allie was asleep. Sorry mom and dad. After they left, we sat around and played with our new gifts and enjoyed the afternoon at home and then we headed to Wood's to play Balderdash that evening. If Kent hadn't have played, I'm pretty sure I would have taken a sweet second place. Dang it Kent!! Overall, it was a very nice Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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