Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town...

So, I stole this picture from Melissa's site. Yes, I steal, but it's okay because I haven't received any other pictures yet from Erin, whom I asked to take pictures for me because I thought I had left my camera at home but to my surprise, I found the camera in the side pocket of our diaper bag AFTER the party. Anyway,...Yes, Mr. Kringle stopped by the festivities and little Ellyse got to be a special helper. Don't ask me how and why she poses the way that she does but, everytime the camera comes out, it's something new from that kid. We had a good time watching all the kids put on a "play" on the stage at the church and we tried to play a rousing game of Bang! but, it was interupted by Mr. S just as I was getting the hang of it. It's okay Santa, just pay me back on Dec. 25th. :)
The kids did a white elephant game and then we ended up talking and either cleaning up, shootin hoops, or vollying the ball back and forth in an attempt to get some Volleyball in for the night. ( I was told there would be volleyball but alas my hopes and dreams were shattered) It was a good time! Allie and I spent some quality time cuddling after she fell over and bonked her head on the gym floor in an attempt to sit up on her own and play with her toy from Santa. Poor kid wouldn't stop crying until she got some milk. It was so nice to sit and stare into her blue eyes and just cuddle while she sipped her bottle. I know those days are limited so, any cuddling is much appreciated!
The night was a bit hectic for me for a bunch of different reasons but it was all well worth it!!

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kent said...

WHAT!?!? Sunday wasn't the first time you dropped her on her head?? Poor girl!! Hey, at least she gets cuddly after i know what to do when i want to cuddle with her...drop her on her head.