Friday, July 27, 2007

Yet Another quote

so, last night our little fam was driving home from gma/pa Wood's home. Ellyse wanted to stay there after a quick visit to get something from their house so we let her stay there while we went grocery shopping. After we were done we picked her and Allie up from their house, As J was backing out of their driveway, he asked Lesee if she liked grandma and grandpa's house better than mommy and daddy's house. After a moment of silence she finally uttered "'s MY house." It took us a minute but, we both ended up laughing. Selfish little kid! :)


kent said...

This came as a surprise to you?? I've known who wears the pants in that family for a while now. Case in point: Do you really think i'd sit in time out for you or jason?

kent said...
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julie said...

you'd better sit in time out for Jason or I when you get in trouble...which is pretty dang often!