Friday, July 27, 2007


Today as I was driving in to work I heard an ad on the radio for Castlebrook reception center. They were advertising that they have personal wedding consultants when you book through them or something like that. Then when I was lurking through Darby's blog, I read about her despise of all the corniness ( is that a word?) that comes along with weddings. She commented on the announcements and the registry tags and the pictures and all of this made me think about how much I like weddings and how much fun it would be to be a wedding consultant. :)

I love almost everything about weddings, especially the cake and the dress. I used to work in a Bridal shop and I loved it! I found my own personal dress when I was working there. I can't remember if I was helping a girl try it on or just walking by getting something else for a bride to be but I do remember looking at it from behind as she was looking in the 3-way mirror and thinking to myself...that's my dress. It was like love at first site type stuff, I just knew it. Same thing happened with my veil. Some girl had it on in the shop and I just knew that it was the one I wanted for my ensemble. The lady I worked for made me try on a bunch of dresses when it came time for me to get a dress- just to make sure and also to give me the experience of trying on some many "pretty dresses" - but sure enough, I walked out of there with that dress and veil that I'd already had picked out in my mind. I think it all looked beautiful when I got all dressed up. I'd never felt more like a princess in my life, than on that day. And Jason knows how much I love to feel like royalty. :) It was a beautiful day in August of '01 and the weather was absolutely fabulous! Not to hot, not to cold, and a light breeze was blowing. We got married and sealed in the Bountiful UT temple and then had a luncheon at a ward house in Roy. I'd chosen to have our reception the night after we got married, not the night of, and man was I ever right on the money. That night I think a small tornado hit SLC with rain and terrible weather and would've forced us inside had we had our reception that night. Instead we had it the following evening outside at the WSU Alumni Center and man, it was sooo fun!! The weather again was perfect! The wind kicked up while we had our ring ceremony but by the time the reception started, the weather was well, like I said, perfect! I loved every minute of it! I had stories of our courtship on the tables to read and a piano and violin serenaded us, although I didn't get to hear much of that at all, I wish that I would've though! We had a receiving line most of the night and then the garter belt hoopla and the cutting of the cake. Ah, memories.

We had red roses and white lilies as our flowers. Black and white and red were our colors. Our cake turned out MARVELOUS!!! I have to say, it's the prettiest wedding cake I've seen to date. No offense to any one else's cake but, man, it was beautiful!! Jason and I each spread it around each other's faces a bit and it was a lot of fun to cut the cake! I wish I had pictures handy but I don't. Anyway, I could go on and on but I guess I should stop. I'm just so grateful that our wedding turned out as wonderful as it did and I should thank my parents right about now again for them letting me do a lot of the things that I'd always dreamt about doing on my wedding day.

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