Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What if it's a boy?

I have to say, we've been blessed with two darling girls!! Ellyse is our oldest and Allie is our newest. I love these two with all my heart. They are my precious little treasures.
I remember when J and I went to see what sex Ellyse was when I was still gestating with her, we stood on the steps in our condo soon before we left for the hospital, I asked J, "What if it's a boy?" because I soo longed for a girl. I wanted our baby to be a girl so badley that I remember hating the blue privacy drape that they were using in the room we were in to have the ultrasound because blue meant boy. Not that boys are bad or anything, but I just had a deep and overwhelming desire for our first baby to be a girl. After the tech and Doc revealed the news to us, I had them rate their knowledge of "it" being a girl. I asked them how sure they were and wasn't really completly satisfied with the 99.9% answer they gave until I actually saw Ellyse.
When I was prego with Allie, I remember early on, seeing a brand new baby boy in his car seat at Target photo studios and thinking I needed and wanted a baby boy but after that faded, I really didn't care which sex we were to have. I knew if we had a girl, we'd have a bunch of hand-me-down clothes to use and wouldn't have to buy a lot more but if it was a boy, the house that we moved into already had a darling already painted blue room that was to be the new babies nursery so, either way was good. :) I do, however, remember saying "yes!" after the ultrasound tech and doc told us we were having a girl the second time around though.
Bottom-line though, I really like having two girls!!! Really Really!


Darby said...

Good thing they're cute girls. :)

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Those girls are so dang cute! I wish I could have had more time to hang out when I was in town. That was one hectic visit. Hopefully next time we come to town we can hang out...maybe even a double date. :)

Jen Wright said...

Girls Rock! and your girls are certainly no exception to this :> They are absolutely adorable. That Leese has so much personality, she kills me! I wouldn't mind someday having a boy, but for now, I am so happy to have a daughter. Synae and I had so much fun at your house the other night. We'll have to do it more often!