Monday, July 23, 2007

Needed a pedicure

I got a spa pedicure this weekend with my friend from college, Jen. As you can tell, I needed one BAD. :)
It was fun and nice to pamper myself a little bit. I'd had a pedicure before at a hair salon and it just wasn't all that much fun, especially for the price! The one I had this weekend was tons better and about 15.00 cheaper. I got a rich maroon shiny color for the polish. Then we headed to Old Navy and got 2.00 flip flops to show my pedicure off. :) Fun girl's night out!
p.s. if you really think these are my feet, you're very very wrong.


kent said...

much too small to be YOUR feet!

julie said...


Jen Wright said...

I"m so glad that we did this. Besides all new mom's need a little pampering! After going 9 months barefoot and pregnant, our feet do start to look a little scary ;)