Friday, July 20, 2007

Chalk it up to the run-off. Go SLC!!!!

Check it out! SLC has received recognition for the wonderful crisp taste of the tap water. Just another wonderful thing about SLC!!
My mom has recently mentioned that the Ogden valley's water has won accolades for it's taste too. I really noticed a big change from my parent's water and our previous condo's water. The valley's tap water, at my mom's house, rocks!!
Go Utah!
p.s. Jason, you were right about bottled water just being tap water; in some cases anyway.

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Carly said...

Julie, I love reading all the things little Ellyse says! So fun that you are recording them here on your blog. I can't wait for little Farrah to start being funny in that way. Oh, and I agree, the valley has the best water EVER!