Monday, July 30, 2007

Goodbye Grandpa Lee

Yesterday 7-29-07, we lost our beloved grandpa Lee. He died of natural causes and will be sorely missed by all his family. Over to the right is a picture I stole from Darby's blog of Grace and Leland on their wedding day I assume. They were truely happy and had such a wonderful posterity! That posterity includes my husband and as a married-in-member of the Cowles family I have a few things to say and I think that gpa Lee would agree with me on...

I'm amazed at how well everyone gets along in this family!! There are hardly any fights whatsoever. I've been in the family for 6 years now, and I don't remember even one fight. THAT'S impressive!

I'm impressed and love the way that everyone shows up to events, even if we just saw each other the day before or even the day of. Everyone shows up to just "hang out" is all usually.

I'm impressed with all the good food that is donated to all the gatherings. I'm impressed with Margaret's sense of creativity when it comes to coming up with nbew things to eat. She seems to always have something new that she tried and I love that! They're always good too! Diane seems to know how to make anything but with an easier way to get it done faster and yet it still tastes wonderful! That's impresive!

I'm impressed with the sense of humor that this family posseses. Everyone brings something to the table but Erin, Marilynn, Mark, and Jason seem to be the front runners in this department. :) Sunday nights are always fun and especially funny when all show up and contribute comments. Sometimes the noise level is out of control a bit but, still.

The love this family has for one another is what is truely amazing. We see each other so often and yet, we still miss someone when they're not there. Case in point, grandpa Lee. You will be missed Lee!


magnusius said...

You put the wrong death date. It was yesterday, 7-29, not 7-27.

julie said...

sorry my bad, I'll change it.