Monday, May 15, 2017

Birthday Number 10!!

Friend partay! Minute to win it games. Super fun! They all had a pretty good time. It wasn't too bad of a party to host. It was nice to have plenty of games to play and lots of prizes to give away.

Bounce the ball into the water cup.

Play Dough sculpting contest.

Suck up all the candy you can in a minute.
Pick up Penne with Spaghetti

Present time!

Gracie's Awesome Card!

Jason had to sleep in on her actual birthday so he could work graveyard the next night, so we opened her gifts the night before. 

On her actual birthday, we hosted dinner and the weekly get together at our house. 

Oh miss Allie, you are an amazing, bright, beautiful soul and our lives would not be anything near how great they are if you weren't around.  We love you to pieces!!

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