Sunday, April 2, 2017

March happenings

Love was shown between man and beast.  Jason will tell you he is trying to squeeze her to death.  I think he just needed a hug.

High tea was had at the 'White House' one Sunday afternoon.

Crazy hair day became a delicious looking treat atop her head. (Thanks to Pinterest)

 Rainy days made for some cool cloud shows.

  Disney brought back the classic 'Beauty and the Beast' and after seeing it with the Wood's, we recreated Belle's hair style.

 Allie started back to gymnastics again.  The little gymnast inside was finally at peace.

 The changing of the seasons brings going through closets to put away winter and bring out spring clothes.  I found an old bag of preemie clothes.  Here's our preemie holding her preemie outfit.  I donated the 4 pieces of clothing that weren't stained to the NICU.  Going back there brought all kinds of emotions to the surface again.  I'm so grateful for having medical help available for our little one and all those who sacrificed to help us when she was so tiny.
 Ellyse made up songs about the snow being gone.  We had quite the winter of snow.

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