Monday, February 22, 2016

Junior High and High School Art

I was going through some things at my parents house and came across my old junior high/high school artwork folders.  Some of my pieces were incredibly laughable.  However, I thought I'd take photos of the decent ones or ones that had special memories before throwing them out.  Here they are.  In all their glory.  ;)  Be kind with your judgement. 

 This states: Hey dudes!  I"m Sally.  Well, my friends like call me surfing Sally like because I like totally like surfing.  Ya know, I'm like totally always at the beach and I like totally love to TAN!

This one was a declaration of love to a Mr. MP.  He shall remain nameless.

Okay, so may be the MP won't remain nameless.  Poor guy.  Never liked me back.  His loss. ;)

Do you see the vases.....and the faces?

This was a painting.

Tilt your head.  It says Dance.

We were able to decorate our folders as we pleased.

I wonder what Freud would have to say about this one?

This was yet another declaration of love to another boy.  But I was sly this time.  His name was Levi. Never liked me either.  I'm seeing a trend.

 This was the outline that was used to create a kaleidoscope with metal on the outside.  It was one of my most favorite projects we did.  I don't have the kaleidoscope but I remember it turned out great with this outline in the metal on the outside.

Self portrait

 A couple of my other favorite projects were stained glass, molding plastic, and Pysanky Eggs.  We also were able to play with clay and make pots as well.  Those were some of the coolest classes I remember from junior high.

Speaking of junior high...

Oh boy...

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