Monday, February 22, 2016

Christmas Eve, Day, and Week after 2015

The week after Christmas, we got together with the cousins and went down to Build a bear workshop to spend some of our spoils from the big day.

Christmas Eve!!  My Favorite!!  Up to Grandma Cheryl's and then to a church with the Cowles for dinner and games.  Then onto the Wood's for the opening of the gifts from them.  What a fabulously fun day!

The kids do a candy exchange instead of gift exchange.  This year the hit was the 5.00 gift cards to Fiiz.

These turned out to be the yummiest soap and candle ever!  Pine.  The wrapping was very nice.

The "what I like best about Christmas" game was new this year.

Uncle Eddie made an appearance this year.

Games at the church after dinner.

Cookies for the big guy

Christmas morning it was SNOWING!  What loveliness!

Allie Christmas surprise video #1
 Allie Christmas surprise video #2

She had been asking for a Taylor Swift Poster as well as her new album.  We downloaded the album to her phone ( that had been taken away due to punishment for something.  Lying most likely.) Then when she got the note inside the poster tube, it told her to go find her phone and play with the music app.  She died, as you can see. 

The best picture.  Ever.

Allie got a bow and arrow.  She played with this thing the most.  She'd stand at the end of the hallway and aim and shoot.  Over and over and over and over.

Thank you to those who share their cards with us!  Perhaps, someday I'll do the same.

Atari at the Wood's.  Grandpa Brent's new toy was a hit with the old man there.

We played Telestrations and the 5 second rule and truth be told, it was one of the funniest game nights we've ever had.  Pure joy.

And to all a good night!

It was a fantastic day!

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