Friday, March 13, 2015

White!!! Christmas Day 2014

   My prayers were answered when we woke up to a White Christmas!!!  One of the very few winter snow storms we had in the 14-15 Winter!
 Do we look like we like to see this early in the morning?
 Um, spoiled much?

 I feel I should explain why I didn't get any video footage of the kids opening their gifts.  Sometimes I get really sick of living life through a screen.  I just wanted to embrace the moment and live it fully the one time.  They enjoyed getting all their gifts. Ellyse thought the big gift was a guitar for the longest time.  She kept putting off opening that one because she was sure it was a guitar which, she said she's been asking for for 3 years now.   It was a vanity for her room.  She might have been a bit disappointed but I think she liked it once daddy put it together.

Allie ended up with a lot of Sophia the first stuff. The big gift was a Sophia the first castle.  She enjoyed opening all her gifts too! 

Sadie got a few treats as well.
 No Christmas is complete without my Jillian DVD's!

 Meet the newest Wood family member.  Tessa Grace Wood was born on the 9th of December, 2014. We all fight over who gets to hold her now.  I won this time while we checked out what Brent and Diane got from each other.
 Grandma Diane got a Minky, a very large Minky from her boss!  The kids all fought for it.

 Jason's indoctrinating the newest Padres' fan early.  It's really sweet to see Jason doddle over the young kids like he does.
 If your card isn't on our door, it really should be!!  Make it a point to send us your card k?
Merry Christmas to all!

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