Friday, March 13, 2015

A perfect Valentines day for the two of us!

So, Jason went above and beyond yet again.  However, I took photo's on my old phone that I have since restored from zero and have lost all of the photos.  So, lemme 'splain how it went down.

First of all, any one who knows Jason should know that he takes Halloween PRETTY seriously. I however, do not.

Jason mentioned that he'd like some foam skulls for Valentines day.  I agreed. Jason then asked what I might like for Valentines Day, I explained that it would be really awesome if he could get a babysitter and do a romantic dinner at home.  I also said if he were to decorate the house, that'd be even more awesome aaaaand if he really wanted to, he could use a flower or two as the centerpiece.  I'm a little high maintenance.

Valentines fell on a Saturday this year so that meant that Friday the 13th was the day before.    Friday, the 13th means that a Haunted House was going to be open for that one night only.

Because, I'm high maintenance, I asked for what I wanted, I felt Jason should be rewarded with going to the haunted house.  I don't do haunted houses well so, he figured we weren't going.  I decided I'd go this time. I thought it'd be more fun to surprise him though. I talked with Diane about taking the girls overnight as we would be out pretty late, I gave her their clothes ahead of time, I was so prepared to keep it a secret. Then after he slaved all day on my gift, I'd surprise him with a Halloween card that said we'd get to go to the haunted house that night.  However, I suck at keeping things inside and because he was begging me to go, I caved.  I ended up telling him like a week ahead of time. 

That Friday came and I was at work all day.  Jason was too.  When I got home, all the blinds in the house were closed except the one by the back door.  I peeked in, he yelled not to come in yet then closed the blind.  I saw him all dressed up and preparing something in the kitchen. I got more and more excited by what I saw.  It looked amazing inside!  He let me in and went through the crepe paper strips hanging in the doorway to the living room. I looked around and couldn't stop smiling!  There were lit candles, plants and shrubbery from a bunch of our neighbors all over the room, and water  trickling down the fountain. The lights were dim,  the table was decorated with chocolates, sparkling cider, and a dozen roses.  My my had he gone out of his way! He had picked up dinner from La Ferrovia and also made 's'mores in a jar' for dessert.  It was fantastic.  All I had to give him in return was his measly little card which he enjoyed. He was super excited to go to the haunted house.

The haunted house was scary. I'm not a fan. I told Jason while we were in it, it's a good thing he's a good guy and that I love him.  I tried to run through it to make it go faster but he kept telling me to stop.  At the very end, they amake you wait in another short line.  They then take just a few of you into this room where there are 3 coffins.  They instruct you to stand by the coffins and then proceed to tell you to get in.  After watching a bunch of people just jump on in close the door and disappear, I refused to get in.  Jason, who is claustrophobic by the way, jumped right on in! No qualms!  I was shocked!  I stood there refusing to budge.  They just kept right on shoving people in these coffins and I'd never hear or see them again.  After a while I figured I wasn't going anywhere if I didn't get in the stupid coffin.  Dammit!  I swallowed my pride, got in and hoped for the best. I could sue them later.  The coffin was a device that moved you to a slide that took you to the chainsaw guy outside.  I HATE THAT GUY!  I ignored him the best I could and then had to explain to Jason where I'd been the last 5 minutes. 

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