Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Wait, that was like a few weeks ago right?! Things have been a bit nuts lately. Here's a recap of Thanksgiving weekend. It was so much fun. We have a tradition of making a thankful tree every year about this time. I disliked how our trees have turned out in the past and thought a turkey might just do the trick.

Here's the actual day before and day of. We were at my parent's this year with all my siblings. Which is pretty much a miracle in itself. It was a wonderful afternoon. We headed to Margaret and Ben's after words for some awesome games and planning for the fun night of shopping till we dropped!

A friend of mine hooked us up! Her husband works with the Jazz and was able to get us lower bowl tickets for free! We surprised the Wood's with them.

Coach Sloan was in the audience. I clicked a pic before it looked suspicious. The dude does not clap. I wonder if he's ever happy? Most likely, it's because the Jazz are pretty awful right now.

Then Saturday, the electric lights parade in O town. It was nice and short. We headed back to the Wood's and watched Christmas Vacation. It made me happy!
I love me some Thanksgiving weekends!  Lots of fun activities and lots of family time.  Hope yours was great as well.

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Your rolls look delicious! Well done! ;)