Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cowles Annual Santa Party

This party begins with dinner and bowling at WSU, then heads to a church where we exchange white elephants and a certain somebody shows up.  :)

 The Hokey Pokey again??????  Not really sure how this was added to the traditions but it is. Ewee got skillzzz!

These two are inseparable when together.

We had a bit of a Christmas miracle this year. Margaret and Ben have had things from Grace's home stored in their home for months now and after they returned from their mission, they were able to go through the things that were left over. One day when Margaret had had a particularly hard day, she prayed and felt the need to go through some of Grace's stationery. Grace was well known for her large amounts of stationery. Margaret started looking through some of the stacks of stationery. She kept setting aside different sets because she felt like that 'wasn't the one' she was looking for at the time. After sorting a bit more, she came across one set and felt like she'd found the one! Margaret was surprised to find that inside that particular stationery set, were individual letters addressed to each one of Grace's children. Sort of a last goodbye letter to each of them. This was definitely a miracle because the things that were at Margaret's home were those things that were 'left over' from going through the home. A lot of things had already been taken to goodwill. This set of stationery very easily could've been sent to goodwill with no thought involved. Santa was made aware of this miracle and was given the letters to distribute at the party. What a special special gift that was left from a mother to her children! Thanks goes to Taycina and Jeff for capturing this moment!

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Natalie said...

You don't know how much I appreciate your blog. I have no idea what is happening back home until I read your blog and can see these amazing moments like the letters from Grandma. Thank you.