Friday, August 16, 2013

Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Jackson Trip

Sorry these are all in crazy order but like I mentioned before...blogger=butthead! We had a great time visiting the three areas. We stayed in tent cabins in Grand Tetons and then in cute little cabins in Jackson.

We brought Sadie along. As you'll see down below, she got a little too close to some of the wildlife than she migt like. There were horse stables down by the tent cabins that you could walk too. The girls and I went visited them with Sadie. It was so funny to see her react to the horses. Sadie's 'herding' instinct would push her toward the horses and I had to remind her not to mess with them on several occasions. It was so interesting to see the leaders of the pack come out to defend their herds. It was obvious which horses were in charge. Surpisingly, they were all women horses. Interesting.

We played at the lake one day. I again entertained myself with the camera. :) It was fun to see the girls having such a great time with their dad and grandad. Once again, Brent took the girls out the 'island.' They loved it and were able to be the holders of the coveted walkie talkie...until they dropped it in the lake.
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The girls enjoyed the antlers in Jackson a lot!! The hour long wait to get into a Mexican restaraunt named after pigs...not so much.
We appreciate the time the Wood's take out of their schedule to plan, participate, and invite us to come along with them on vacations!!

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