Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grace's Home.

Soon after my grandma had passed away, I still had a key to her home. I stopped in her house soon after she passed, to look around one last time. I had myself a good cry right then and there. I will always have that day in my memory. I still dream of that house quite a bit. It amazes me how much homes become almost a living breathing part of the people who live in it. I did not think to take the time to take photo's or a video to look back on in the years to come. I could kick myself for not doing this. So, when grandma Grace passed, I knew I had to do this. Here's to the memories:


Natalie said...

Thanks for doing this Julie. Hard to believe it won't be like this when I get home. So glad you did this.

Anthon Family said...

Such a great idea. Just had a little cry myself. Thank you.