Friday, July 12, 2013

Lagoon!! I loove Lagoon!

Every time I get the chance to go to Lagoon, I'm of the thinking that we should be there at opening and stay till closing. We should get our money's worth right? I think that place is super fun and could keep myself and my kids entertained all day long. But, unfortunately, others think that getting food for the following week and cleaning the home take precedence. :) We still had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. And enjoy ourselves we did!
Allie was 46' this year. That's the minimum for a lot of rides. I was thrilled that she was tall enough for so many more rides!! She's a bit of a dare devil too! On most of the rides she could ride, we'd ask her do you want to try this one? Her answer usually was 'Sure! I'll try it."
Even tried the white roller coaster. Now, that's brave!!
Until next time!!

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Natalie said...

Are the teacups new? I haven't been to Lagoon for awhile, but I don't remember a teacups ride. Looks like a fun day!