Friday, July 12, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

This fourth, we got ourselves outta bed early enough to take part in the Starstruck Studios parade float. As always, it was fun but just sitting there I was sweating.

Later that day we met up with the Wood's and were planning on eating at an Indian place. Unfortunately, (for everyone else but me) the Indian place decided they wanted to celebrate America's independence that day. Aww shucks, we had to find somewhere else to eat. :) We ended up at a new little sand which joint and it was yummy!!We then saw Despicable Me 2. It was cute!

That evening we ended up at Rich's house for a BBQ and Volleyball and life threatening fireworks.

Yep, at one point one of the aireal fireworks tipped over or malfunctioned and shot right into our crowd. Luckily, not one person was hit but Allie FREAKED out and we ended up back up by the house... a safe distance from the fear of getting hurt. After sitting there, out of the site of the fireworks, I thought to myself, surely, it wouldn't happen twice. Famous last words.

The next time it hit the neighbors garage door, Wendell said 'Move!' Allie and I bolted for the house and once inside, Jason and Ellyse immediately followed us. Jason told me 'Ellyse was hit.' My heart stopped momentarily. I guess it ended up hitting Ellyse in her foot. She was in her footie pajamas and also padded slippers so that took some of the impact out of the hit but she still ended up with a goose egg on her foot. We packed up and left pretty soon after that. On the way home, we heard all kinds of things like. I hate fireworks. Let's not go the fireworks on the 24th. The ones on the 24th won't be that bad will they? Poor kids! I'm just glad it was only the foot that was injured. It could have been A LOT worse.

Happy Independence Day America!! I think we might just exercise our freedom of choice by not attending or attending from a distance, the fireworks on the 24th. :)

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