Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter 2013

The Saturday before Easter, we met up with my Brother's family and participated in a fun Easter egg hunt in their neighborhood.  I would share photo's of them but I've been asked not to.

 Real Bunnies!!  And Chickens!!
 We headed up to my parent's home that same day for dinner, an egg hunt, and family time.
 I'm loving all the fun colors in these pictures!!

Reach Allie!  Can you see how high that purple egg is?

 The Cousins.
Sadie even got an Easter gift.  My mom gave her one.  I told her she was on the ball as I didn't even get Sadie anything for Easter.

The Easter Bunny came!

That evening we got together with The Wood's side at Grandma Graces' for dinner.  Another very nice Easter!  I always forget to take photo's at grandma graces.  One, because we are there every week and so it starts to seem more ordinary, even though it never is.  It's always extraordinary.  But two, when I'm with my sister and mom, they have their camera's out and it reminds me.  Just to let those on the other side know that we love them just the same. :)

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Andrea said...

look how pretty you are!!!
love your littles! thyey're purdy too!!!