Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dinner and a movie

A while back we went to see the Crood's with the Woods.  We had a busy day with a few receptions to go to beforehand so we were pretty full from all the cake and refreshments that were provided at the receptions.  We were down in Farmington and we decided to go see the Harmon's there.  Found out that you can actually eat at Harmons.  You can pick from all sorts of things to eat and that worked pefect as some were more hungry than others.  It was quite the place.  It was one of those places that makes you realize how lucky we are to live 'near' an area that houses places like this.  Way to go Harmons!  You know how to do grocery stores well!
 We headed to the Cinemark nearby and they had this cool water fountain thing.  Even though we were in Farmington, it sort of felt like we were on a little mini vacation. 
What a fun outing!  Too bad it was freezing.  The movie was very cute and worth the money/time to go see.

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