Monday, February 11, 2013

Some good news.

To start off, let me just say... I'm not good at big changes.
Then let me say....We just made a big change at our house.
We adopted a dog!
And I'm kinda freakin out.

The story goes like this.  We made an unexpected stop at Petsmart on Friday night and were just checking out what kinds of animals were there for us to pet or see.  We visited the cats, the birds, and the darling chinchilas.  We went searching for the hamsters and mice but couldn't find them. Jason was up at the front of the store so we were headed toward him.  We turned the corner to go up front and I saw this dog.  I was instantly smitten.  I hardly paid attention to any other dogs that were there that night, even the cute puppies.  And they were cute cute puppies.  Jason just had this smirk on his face when I'd ask him if we could get her and he'd smile and say 'I dunno.'  Then we'd think about it some more and of course the girls were like, can we.. can we?  We felt like we needed some time to think about it because we've not had the best rap sheet in the past of taking care of animals at our house.  We headed home and all we could talk about on the ride home was names we could name that dog.  Sally was her given name.  Uh, who names their dog Sally?

Saturday afternoon, after going back and forth about 100 times we finally decided that she was the dog for us.  The girls were at their cousins playing so after shopping for necessary supplies, we picked the girls up and told them we needed to run a few errands.  Ellyse kept asking where we were going when we were trying to find the foster home of the dog. She mentioned that we were headed to pick up the dog.  Jason told the girls that those dogs can only be adopted on Fridays.  Which is somewhat true.  I said that dog we saw last night was not at Petsmart anymore.  Which was also true.

So, we're at the door of this ladies house and she opens the door and Sally is sitting right there and this is Ellyse's face after finding out that we were there to pick up "that dog we saw last night."

Here's Ellyse's reaction:
Here's Allie's reaction:

 She's been so fun to have around and has only had one accident. She's super smart and is a great learner.  We've left her alone twice now and she hasn't destroyed anything...yet.  She's soo sweet and super soft and we are all in love!

Meet Sadie!  She's a sheltie and husky??? mix.  Jason calls her a shusky.  She's about 7 months old and most importantly, she's potty trained.
Ellyse's preferred choice of names: snowball or snowy.
Allie's preferred choice of names: Fishy.

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