Friday, February 22, 2013

February Happenings

First off,  lets just take a minute and enjoy a little moon boot dancing.  Ellyse and Allie looooove to take pictures and videos on the iphone.  They shot this video on their own without my knowledge.  As I was going through the videos/pictures on my phone last night, I came across this.  Jason and I could not stop laughing!  Allie thought we didn't like her dancing and was sad.  I quickly corrected her and told her we loooved her dancing and that it was amazing!!

Next up, Valentines Day.
Kind of simple but it was great!
This is Allie's valentines from kindergarten and the sack she made.
 Ellyse's valentines from school.

The girls with their gifts from us and my parents.
What's left of the candy poster I made for Jason.  I took this picture like the very next day but Jason's not one or keeping a mess around so he deconstructed it pretty quickly.

 Cute shirts from the Woods.
 My gift from Jason.

Ellyse's school box for her valentines (after the tub) sorry about the hair. 
Allie's sack from school.
 Another thing we've been doing is playing a lot (a lot!) of fetch.

And hanging out with family.
  And making things official at Petsmart.  We officially adopted miss Sadie on the 15th.

And birthdaying it up.
 Dinner with the fam at Olive Garden.

I heart my birthday!!

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Ben Read said...

CONGRATS on your new family member. Has she been spayed? She is one lucky dog to come to your household. Can't wait to meet her in person.