Monday, June 11, 2012

Dance Recital 2012

Saturday we had our annual dance recital for Starstruck Studios and as usual it was truly a highlight of my year!  There's just something to be said for putting so much hard work and dedication into something and then seeing it come to fruition.  Plus, seeing our girls get out there and have the confidence it takes to get out on stage and shake it just makes me pop with pride!  They did amazing!!  I think Allie accidently ran up to front and center in front of the herd of kids in her class because during the rehearsal she never was front and center but as I was watching the actual recital, there she was just a dancing away out in front of everyone.

These photos are from the rehearsal.  Please exuse their crazy hair.  I had to be there super early.

 Awe.  See.  I do actually do their hair...sometimes. ;)

 My awesome adult combo class!! Which you can totally join!! Go to for details! We welcome everyone with all kinds of ability or non ability :)
 This is the recital.  See, crappy pictures.

I was able to watch most of it this year as I was a helper on stage left instead of the crazy stage right.  I mostly helped the little ones find their way off the stage and down underneath the stage back to their dressing rooms.  Whoo boy, what a difference it is over there!  I made it to stage right a few times during the night and it was so crazy with people yelling and running to and fro.  Going back to stage left was like going home after a crazy hectic day!  So so so much fun!  Love dancing and love seeing how much dancing improves others lives!

Here are their performances at the rehearsal:

I couldn't get Ellyse's other dance to work so, here are three of them anyway.


Andrea said...

every time i think dance recital i still think of watching you at dance est. what fun memories! beauty and the beast!

julie said...

I know right? Such fun! Thanks for commenting!

Kathren Diamond said...

Those are the cutest dancers ever!!