Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun at home

Allie was recently at my mom's house and my mom was doing Allie's hair. Allie kept looking up at grandma's face and then down and then up at her face and down again and finally told grandma: Grandma, you have really big boobs! Grandma laughed and asked if she'd learned about boobs from her daddy. --- Yep!


My mom has some issues with her feet and needs to wear comfortable shoes all day pretty much every day. Allie again was studying my mom and asked her:
Grandma, do you take your shoes off when you go to bed?


Last Sunday Ellyse and Allie were playing in E's room. Ellyse was reading Genesis aloud and I think Allie was trying to start pretend playtime.

Ellyse - "and there were lights in the firmament"
Allie - And they found Jesus, and lived happily ever after.

Outside of Peery's Egyptian Theatre where we had our dance recital. Cute kiddo's!

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