Monday, June 6, 2011

Allie's Birthday # 4

Hey Allie! Happy Birthday babe! How old are you? 4? Awesome! What would you like for your birthday?
Decorations! Polka dots all over the room! Even the windows and ceilings!
Brynnley!!! And grandmas and grandpas and cousins!

Gifts! More Gifts!
And good food!
Well, looks like you had quite the birthday little cutie! We are so happy you are ours! We love your infectious giggle, your spunk, your creativity, your sweet dancing skills, your ability to write your name and make the e look 10 times larger than any other letter in your name, your cuddlebugness, your reminders to make sure we say prayers, your need to have order in all things in your life, your beautiful eyes and darling little face! We love all things Allie because you are our perfect little Allie. Happy birthday Goober!


Lisa said...

Happy birthday Allie! Lolo keeps asking me when we get to play with her new friend from McDonald's again! We need to get together again!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Allie!!!