Monday, May 2, 2011

Weber High Flashback time.

A while back, an old chum of mine and I got together and had a girls night out. We started out at good 'ol Weber High. I'd been back to the school for a few of my neices recitals but didn't walk through the whole thing. A bunch of memories came flooding back as we did.
- Warning - these pictures are quite boring to those who don't have a fondness for this school - Um, anyone else owe their math skills to this wonderful woman? You guys, she spent hours upon hours with me and helped me shape up my math skills that had been ruined by past sub par teachers.

Hours. And. Hours.

I owe so much to this lady! She will always have a special place in the mathematics part of my heart. :)

Here we have the door to the choir room. So many fun memories of choir and friends were made in this room!
Here is the room where I had to take the S.A.T. test or at least the practice test.
In this room, I took History as a sophomore to fulfill the stupid history requirement early. I hated history so I was getting this subject out of the way. Most people took it as Juniors so I was the only sophomore in the class. I got deemed "Egon" - from Ghostbusters - from a guy in this class. My Maiden name is Egan so, I'm sure that had something to do with it but I remember Egon being the brainy, nerdy fellow and I was far from smart about history! At least it made me sound smart, right? I got asked to my first dance by a guy in this class. Plus, the teacher was a cool teacher and made it as much fun as possible; considering it was history.
The Senior Hall!! Needs no words.

The Warriorette room. Oh, the memories of not feeling good enough and all the sparkles and sequence. Oooh, the sparkles and sequence.
The big gym! Basketball games, dance class, crazy insane warriorette practice. Oh, and a little thing called graduation.
Just a cool thing to see.
In this room, I had my favorite class of all. I can't remember exactly what it was called but it was set up like a real life business office. We had to trade off being the front desk person for a week and had projects with due dates, learned shorthand, and had meetings in the meeting room that was to the left of the photo. (not shown) It was such a cool class! It pushed me at times but I really liked that. It's also the place where I received my first flowers from a boy other than family. :)
The small gym. I remember trying out for sophomore class officer and we had the assembly in here. I was sooooo out of my league! Also, cheerleader tryout clinics were held in this gym. I lost the election for sophomore class officer and decided cheering wasn't for me. Dancing was my thing.
And to finish out our tour, here is said chum. We met at this school and I thought she really disliked me at first but turns out we had a special relationship that is still there today. So glad I was able to attend this high school and have such good memories.

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