Monday, May 23, 2011

An update...

I am just going to summarize a bunch of stuff that has happened over the last few weeks/months because time to post hasn't been on the top of mind lately.

We had some Easter.

We did a little performing at rest homes. Ellyse danced too, I just got a video of her is all, not a still pic.

During the 1/2 hour of sun we received that ONE day, we played on the trampoline.

Oh hey, we spotted Elvis at The Pie while visiting with long time friends. That was interesting. Turns out Elvis orders pizza's under the name Elvis and drives a mini van just like we do. See, he's just a regular guy like all of us.

Allie ate a bit too much of her birthday cake.

And we played around with some iphone apps.

Time hasn't been too easy on Jason or Lance or Brent for that matter.

oh okay, me neither....

Got some cute haircuts for the girls. Yay! Was just going to have her cut Allie's hair only but when Ellyse saw how cute Allie's was, she wanted it done as well. I guess no more long hair for my girls for a while. It's sooooooooooooo 100% easier to do now! AANNNd it stays styled a lot longer too! Bonus! I'm a happier momma with hairdo's that look and stay cute longer.

That's all for now. I'll get A's birthday up soon.

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