Friday, November 19, 2010


You know, with all due respect to my parents whom I was and am extremly lucky to have; I was never a fan of Thanksgiving growing up. Not. at. all. It was basically like a glorified Sunday dinner with grandma over. We ate, chatted, and usually football was on in the background. Yick! Football! Gag me with a spoon. Talk about a boring sport to watch. I'm sure the food was always good, minus the beets, but it just was never really anything I ever looked forward to eating. Fast forward to Thanksgiving after I'm all grown up.

Totally looking forward to it!

First of all, I get in on the action and get to cook things and bring something (literally) to the table. I like to try new dishes or appetizers or whatever I'm asked to bring. Second, I get to see my immediate family members whom I don't get to see that often anymore. My mom always goes the extra mile when people are up there with yummy appetizers, drinks, or dessert or all of the above. Third, I have a bonus extended family that likes to play games and laugh a lot! I really like to play games! They are way funny people to hang with! Fourth, no work for either one of us. Yay. Am I right?! And finally, the Black Friday ads in the newspaper! Yeah baby! I need to call and order me one an issue for Thanksgiving day from the Standard so I get ALL the ads. Funniest part, I never really go out on black Friday. I just love the ad's. Yes, I get how weird that is. But to each his own right?! I am kinda tempted to go this year though. Anywho, we've got less than a week now and I'm pumped! How about you?

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