Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to the one who made me a mommy

Six years ago today, I became a mom. And boy, was I so totally not prepared for it! I was basically in panic mode for about the first 5-6 months but it was all soo worth it to be able to have my sweet sweet girl Ellyse!!

Last night I surprised her with decorating her room with some crepe paper and balloons and candy hung from the ceiling. I did frost her cake and then realized I need to keep it fresh until Friday night. uhhh, okkkaaaay, Jason came up with a pretty creative idea of how to store it without it getting too much air. Note to self: DO NOT decorate the cake until the day of the party!!!

No judging on the cake. I was working with a horrible tool and so you get what you get. Or in this case, Ellyse gets what she gets.

We managed to wrap up the gifts late last night and I knew as soon as she saw them, they'd be mauled so I snapped a pic then.Today, she's getting her choice of dinner, plain chicken with cherries on the side. :)

And tonight she gets her friend party. It's so fun to be 6!!

We're all too happy to have her in our lives!! Happy birthday Lesee!


Lisa said...

happy birthday princess ellyse!!!

Andrea said...

Oh geez! Is it already 6 years??? Oh my stars! Well ~ looks like you've made if a fabulous day for her! Way to rock it mom and happy b-day Ellyse!