Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 3rd of July

Because of the holiday falling on a Sunday, most of the state celebrated the 4th on Saturday the 3rd. Annnnd we had Monday off as well so it became a bit of a 3 day celebration for some. Unfortunately, not for us. We did our partying on Saturday.

The morning began by enjoying a waffle. The girls and I then decided we wanted to go be a part of the parade in Clearfield. We got ready and helped out Starstruck with their "float." Ellyse and Allie were able to ride but E wanted to throw candy and in order to do this, you have to walk the entire length of the parade. You're not suppose to get on and off the trailer. So, she stayed on the trailer for the most part of the parade until the end where we broke the rules a bit and let her get off and throw a bit o candy and show off some of her amazing kartwheel skills. ( If any of you saw me making a fool of myself... well, all I can say is... guilty as charged. It's a parade people, you gotta keep the energy up. )

Later, we met up with the Woods for a birthday party and were able to take in Toy Story 3. Very cute!

That evening we got together for a bbq, volleyball ( my favorite part of the day! ) and some fireworks. I stole this pic from Darby. Thanks Darb! Check out the teams. Jason, Lance, me and Jimbo against basically the Read's and the Brady's. It was a bit of a slaughter hee, hee. Considering they only had one player taller than any of our players. We had so much fun laughing it up!! I love me some good volleyball!!!

Fun day with the fam! Love this holiday!!!
I tried to get a non posed picture of their faces watching the fireworks but as you can tell, someone knew about the camera.

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