Monday, March 1, 2010

The big 3.0.

J made me a 2 layer cake with raspberry filling. Impressive huh?!
Dinner after the temple at The Garden.
Anniversary Inn Room. J's trying to look smart. The bookcase opens up into the bathroom. Neato!
The bathroom. Painted with D.C. background.
One of the main reasons I LOVE this place. The big ol tub. I got a nice soak in this baby on my birthday morning with a quaint old book from the bookcase and I thought I was in heaven.
When we got home from the A.I. Jason had balloons and presents waiting for me. So sweet!
My family had a pizza party and this is the cake with ALL 30 candles. How many people does it take to light THAT many candles?

I had such a wonderful birthday. I really did. I basically partied all weekend long! Friday the 19th we met up with an old friend Allison Adams for dinner at Chili's and the girls were so well behaved. Total birthday gift from the universe! Saturday, my mom took me shopping all day long and how fun is that? That night J took me to the temple, dinner and Anniversary Inn. SWEET!! Sunday morning soak in the big ol tub, then breakfast at a fun little waffle house in Midvale and then that evening we went to my parents house for a fun party. Feel super spoiled!! What a great way to ring in my thirties! Wahoo!


Jonesy said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday! Jason probably thinks he's good for another 10 years, though...set him straight, will ya? ;)

Andrea said...

Oh! You're a birthday miracle!!! I thought of you ~ I'm so glad that it was fabulous!