Monday, March 1, 2010

Another birthday gift.

So, the day after my birthday, my old friend (she's not old, but we're old friends) Annie, called and told me she has suite tickets for the Jazz game that night and wondered if she could take me for my birthday. Uh hello? Yes ma'am you can take me!! How sweet of her to think of me! Making the phone call to ask Jason to stay home with the kids all night whilest I partied hard at the Jazz game wasn't the easiest; but he, being the superhusband that he is, agreed and off we went. I really did feel bad leaving him behind! Honestly. Us girls, doing more chatting than basketball watching.
The suite.
We played the Hotlanta Hawks. The score here is tied but unfortunately they were a little too hot for the Jazz that night and went home with the win.

It was such a fun evening out. We talked pretty much all evening long and that was good enough but to add the game and suite, with dinner and ice cream provided, was the cherry on top. Thanks Ann! Super fun night out!!


Natalie said...

What a fun night!

kate said...

happy late birthday! your girls are so cute and seem to be ooozing personality! thanks for commenting on my blog, you are so nice. always have been. :) go jazz!