Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello February, It''s so great to see you!

It's February! Yay! I'm not a fan of January and today's weather makes me so happy with all the sunshine and nicer temperatures so, I wanted to say hello to February! Also, I've only been given two sister-in-laws and both their birthday's happen to fall on the exact same day, today. So, wanted to wish Tiffany and Michelle a happy birthday! I hope both your days are wonderful!

I hope your morning's been as bright as mine!

Yay for getting closer to SPRING!! MY FAVE!


LeLe said...

I am so with you! I'll be even happier when it's March... & then APRIL!!!

Kathleen said...

Yeah! Kent found your blog. So cute!!!!

I am also welcoming February. Each passing day brings me closer to being done with this pregnancy. We can't wait to meet our baby!

It was fun to spend time with you guys this weekend. We'll have to be sure to do it again before too much time passes. Especially since your daughters are my girls best friends now. Maybe next time they'll actually learn their names.