Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Family Quote

Last evening we were all over at great grandma J's home and the girls were busily playing on the floor as we chatted away. Allie comes up and asks me what I'd like for dinner with a pencil and pad of paper in hand to take my order. I tell her and she runs and grabs a spool of thread to represent the pizza that I asked her for. Ellyse wants in on the fun so we include her. We all give them our orders and I write it down for Ellyse to read. Now, she's just getting the hang of reading and this will help her learn and show off her skills to the 'rents. We all said our orders out loud and then I transcribed them onto the pad of paper. She then "read" the paper and handed out the orders. Well, to spice things up a bit and get her cogs turning, I told her I was going to have everyone mouth their orders to me and I'd write them down and she'd have to read them and hand them out appropriately. She didn't like this idea, even though she LOVED all the attention, she said "no mom, don't have everyone quietly give you their orders" I was all "but it will test you" she resisted. I mentioned that it would show us how smart she is. She pipes back "No! I ALREADY KNOW HOW SMART I AM."

She completed each order with perfection. Cute kid!

This morning, AT 6 AM - don't have kids - Allie wakes up screaming something about her Mickey - special blanket- she sometimes does this and then falls back to sleep so I gave it a minute. Minute over, still screaming, so I tend to her and tell her to go back to sleep. She minds so well and gets up and runs to Ellyse's room. ( I really love how close they are) Ellyse tells her to go back to sleep. YAY ELLYSE!!! YOU GET 100 POINTS! Allie goes back to her bed but continues to cry and then slowly makes her way back to Ellyse's room in the dark. It's 6 AM people! Allie tells Ellyse she's scared and Ellyse says "Don't be scared Allie, I'm right here."

Isn't that the cutest? Okay, go ahead and have some kids.

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kate said...

so so sweet! those moments make it all worth it.