Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birth Control..

9:30 PM Last Evening - Awake Ellyse from the couch and tell her to brush her teeth and go potty. In the meantime, I take the garbage out to the curb for garbage day. Come back in from the freezer that is outside and see Ellyse sitting on the bathroom floor and Jason administering some medicine and a toothbrush to Ellyse.
10Pm - go to bed.
1:45 AM - Ellyse wakes up cold and thirsty and in need of more medicine. Her ear hurts. Mental note: call the doctor and get her in. Get E some medicine, water, cover her up and lay with her because she asks me too "for just a minute, mommy"
Try to get back to sleep...with no avail
2 or 3 $%* AM take sleeping pill to help.
5 ^&* AM Ellyse awakes in need of more water. I can't get it by myself mom, daddy said not to get up on the counter top. UP we go again, here's some water and more medicine to help with the pain. (don't worry, I switched between Ibuprofen and Tylenol)
7 AM Allie awakes bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for "bekfest mommy, c'mon mommy, bekfest." C'mom mommy!!!! Up, pour the cereal and chocolate milk that she requested, start the show, get my own breakfast and head back to eat it in bed. Jason's been at work now for a few hours by this time so I take advantage of a little more bed time. Only to be interrupted by Allie wanting to sit with me instead of eat her much needed bekfast. I think she took two bites is all of the cereal and may be one sip of chocolate milk. "Mom, I want bread" says Allie. I get up and get her a piece of bread. I go downstairs to get ready to exercise and hear E wake up and realize that I need to get her in the tub before school. Upstairs I go only to find out that Allie doesn't want that piece of bread anymore, she wants something else. I put my foot down and say no. You haven't even eaten anything I've given you yet so eat that first. Crying begins.
8 AM Tub water's running, girls are in the tub, Allie can't get her shirt off by herself and starts to cry even more hysterically because of this. Phone rings.
Check the phone, it's mom. Hey mom. "Are you coming?"........ Panic.
Crap! Totally spaced breakfast with Santa Claus this morning. What time did it start? 7:30. I explain the girls situation and she urges me to get myself together and out the door.
8:30 AM we make it there JUST in time to sit on Santa's lap and get the presents that he so generously gave to our girls. They had to re heat the food for us and set out a new place setting at the country club. Embarrassing. Even more embarrassing is the fact that most people are dressed all Christmasy and to the hilts and I'm in glasses, no makeup, and my coat over a shirt I threw on last minute. At least my girls look decent. Grandma and Grandpa stay and wait for us to eat a quick bite and then we're outta there.
9:30 AM Drive home, call the doctor's office to try and get E in today. No luck. Completely booked. Double booked actually. It'll have to be tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow. Jason most likely has to work tomorrow. I'll have to skip some of work to take her there. She'll have to skip some school to go. She's already missed an hour of school today. Lovely. Drop E off at school, without her bookbag and dressed to the hilts in her nice Christmas dress assuming it will come home ripped and or stained somehow. Go home and listen to Allie throw another fit about not getting Ellyse's makeup (Santa's lovely gift for Ellyse) Yeh, like I'm going to give a 2 year old some makeup and then try and exercise. Ha ha. So, the wailing and gnashing of teeth continues and I try and salvage what little time left to exercise during the screaming and begging for an egg. Mind you, we JUST got back from BREAKFAST with Santa Claus. Call a babysitter for tomorrow after the doctor, not answering, leave message. Cell phone rings but it's upstairs. Run upstairs get phone and secure babysitter. Call grandma to tell her we're going to be late.
11 AM Finally make it out the door with whatever's left of my sanity and meet up with grandma, JUST in time for her to go pick up Ellyse from school. Head to work and see a mountain of paperwork that needs completing before I leave early to teach dance.
I hope your morning went a lot smoother than ours did.


Lisa Howell said...

Oh Jules!!! I think every woman goes through that at least once a week!!! I was laughing and sort of crying while reading this-so tragic at the time, but I always look back with a bit of bitterness and then laugh. Look at the silver lining-no vomit! :)

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

And to think we bring this on ourselves!

Leah Aston said... sound kind of scary...but I know you love 'em even when they drive you bonkers!
:) Leah