Thursday, May 28, 2009

I think.. Maybe...I'm a little addicted.

k so, anyone else addicted to the DVR? TIVO? Whatever your's may be called, are you as bad as me? For those of you on planet X and don't know how a DVR works, it's just like a VCR only you don't have to push anything to record the current channel that you are watching. You can press record for shows that you'd like to watch later, but if you're watching the news and miss something, because your kids were screaming in the background, DON'T PANIC! You can just hit the back button and it automatically rewinds for you. After you take care of your screaming kids, of course. Of course.
It's soooo wonderful! I use it ALL the time. ALL.the time. So much so that I've been in my car listening to my radio on more than one or twenty occasions and I'll think, what? What was that? I just missed it. How do you rewind...wait, that's the tv that you can rewind. Then I think to myself if someone wants to make a million bucks, they should really invent some sort of real time DVR for the radio. Shucks. Why hasn't that person invented that yet? Doesn't someone want to make a million bucks?

So last night I was sucked into watching, 'So you think you can dance.' I know. I know. Take it easy people, I know it's a reality show and all but c'mon doing laundry is just so boring without something to watch on the tube. Anyway, E and A were 'dancing' to the music on the show whilst I was so trying to catch glimpses of the dancers routines through their little bodies moving to and fro; and I ended up missing something. So da da da da, DVR to the rescue! All I had to do was push the back button and the DVR so beautifully showed me what I missed.
Soon after that, E noticed her blanket all spread out nice and neat on the floor and asked me how it had got like that. I didn't know, I'd missed it. And HONESTLY, I automatically was like I dunno let me rewind LIFE to see who spread out your blanket. Blink. Blink, blink. Seriously. Was I looking for a DVR for life? At that moment the truth became known to me that I am officially addicted.


Carly said...

What? Julie doesn't watch SYTYCD? I'm shocked, seriously. That is the best show ever! Julie the dancer, you should be ashamed to be ashamed to watch that show!!!!!!! ha, ha, ha, ha

julie said...

my husband and my brother-in-law gives me crap for EVERY single reality show I watch. I still and watch like them though.