Friday, March 6, 2009

What's been happening?

I'm confused. I decided to share this because I'm totally confused and I don't understand how this is happening. Ever since the car crash back on Jan. 25, I've been eating every day -more or less- like a complete cow. I mean, food has no chance in front of me. I have been a ravenous beast that is out to kill. I seriously understand the consequences of eating like this and have been trying to overexercise to at least try and make up for some of my actions. So it's been a month and a week or so and when I weighed in after about a week from the crash, I ACTUALLY LOST 3 POUNDS! What?! At first, I chalked it up to stress but last time I weighed in, I was below what I'm used to. This DOES NOT HELP! Because it tells me that yeh Jul, go ahead, eat that batch of cookies all by yourself, eat the extra piece of pizza, would that be fries or veggies with your order? How about both. And NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN. IN FACT, YOU'LL LOSE WEIGHT. Because for a month and a week, you'll be living in Bizzaro world (Seinfield fans beware) and everything is backwards. You don't have to work and money will just keep coming in, dinner will magically make itself and the broom will suddenly know how to sweep the floor, kids will be cooperative and husbands will buy flowers EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK,,,, FOR YOU!

So, may be some of the things I mentioned won't exactly happen but, the first thing, about eating like a cow and losing weight, has happened. I have been trying a new exercise program and I wonder if this has everything to do with it but you know, I just can't wrap my head around that idea. I'm asking for ideas or help or just plain listening ears to help me understand this. May be some of you have experienced this little part of bizzaro world and have found out how or why this is happening.

Normally, I would rejoice that I'd lost 3 pounds but it's almost like finding a million dollars and NOT doing the right thing by turning it in. Any ideas? And, now my body is quickly getting used to overeating and I'm afraid.

BTW, I kind of left everyone hanging with no info on my historic plane ride and it was great! It was a lot of information to take in in 2 hours time. If you don't have people waiting for your historic flight to happen, it probably wouldn't be that bad but if you got family members waiting, go in with some caution. Mighty cool experience though!

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Mindy Barker said...

Hey, thanks for writing on my blog. Ya, I need to post some pictures. Maybe I will do that this weekend. Sorry to hear about your car wreck. That's cool though that you can eat and eat and not gain anything. I feel like a fat cow right now. We love our new ward. Everyone is really friendly and there are lots of young families. How is everything going there? Did they reorganize the primary or just call a new secretary?