Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Who's a little late with their posts? Yep. Sorry. We had a great Valentines Day this year. My Valentine made me feel wonderful once again. Look at what he got me.

Tulips are among my favorite types of flowers. It was so refreshing from the normal roses on Valentines. They were beautiful and so big. I loved em.
Here are a few more pictures of what we all got.

Here's Jason's idea of a great Valentines gift for himself. Hey, to each his own right? That's my Jason.
That night, B and D had us all over for a Lethal Luau. Instead of fighting the crowds and or trying to get a babysitter, we had a nice steak dinner at the Wood's home. It was the perfect way to spend the night! We had a really good time and played a murder mystery game. We all had a good time trying to find out "who done it."
After about two hours of eating and acting out this play of sorts, guess who guessed who did it? Me! Guess who got to go home with a cold blooded murderer? Me. That Jason was doing a lot more on Valentines than he should've been doing. :) Fun fun day and night!
And here is a parting Valentines gift for all y'all. Happy V day!

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