Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Much Thanks!

This week I've been spoiled a little bit by two of my good friends. On Monday, my cousin Cindy invited me down to view "Good Things Utah" on ABC4 with her because she won a contest and was going to be on the show that day. She entered an email response to one of thier contests and they chose hers and one other contestant's entry to hack away at a piece of a big ice cube. The ice cube had a gift card in it and the first one to get to it would win $250.00 to Downeast Outfitters. They were doing a promo for the new movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic."

It was a fun morning, even though we had to trudge through a ton of snow and early morning traffic to get there. My other cousins came to support her and so did my aunt M. I got to see the show for the 2nd time in person and it was a really fun thing to do. Here's a shot of Cindy after she won 2nd place ($100.00 gift card.)
After the show, they let you come up and chit chat and take pictures with the hosts and this is the shot we got all together.

And...I have to admit, I'm a fan of Reagan's. She's just so darn cute. Extremely nice too!

Not only did I get to go down to GTU that morning but Cindy volunteered to watch my girls to make up for the hours I missed at work. How super nice is that? Thanks Cind! You did great!

Now, onto my other spoiled moment. My good friend Carly took time out of her busy schedule and came allll the way down to my house to snap some photos of me for my work. I admire her abilities to create photo's that look professional and so I begged her to come over and take some for me. The dance studio that I teach for has asked all the teachers to provide head shots and so I thought she could may be do a cheap session for me. She did wonderful and it was great to see her again too! Thanks soooo much Carly. I really appreciate it. Go here to see the photos.

I would appreciate feedback as to which one you like better, the color photo or the black and white photo.

Thanks again to Cindy and Carly! You two are Stupendous!


Stacy said...

Very cute blog today. It was fun to go to GTU. I looked at your pictures and I like both, but really like the one in color. Your eyes really pop and are beautiful. They match your pretty sweater. So is Carly the same Carly I know?

Natalie said...

If there's one thing I love, it's being in studio audiences. What a fun day!!

Andrea said...

I didn't know that you were teaching dance! Rock on you!