Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Totally Useful Information

Tuesday's Totally Useful Information: Disney On Ice Tips...

1. Plan on being there ONLY about 5 minutes early. That's it. Only 5 minutes, not 45 minutes so that your husband can go watch the Jazz game and you and your child can decide what TREMENDOUSLY OVERPRICED treat she gets to choose.

2. If you plan to go, plan on not just the ticket price but the price of gas, dinner, and the TREMENDOUSLY OVERPRICED treat that your child will insist on getting. Plus any treats that you and your spouse might like.

3. Plan on sitting right next to a rather large man.

4. After the show begins, plan on having to get up to let a family that was not there on time into their seats that really aren't theirs but they claim that they are and yet after looking at the tickets, they realize they are in the wrong row.

5. Plan on a 20-25 minute intermission. This is so you'll get so sick of hearing your kids ask for a TREMENDOUSLY OVERPRICED treat that you'll finally give in.

6. And finally, plan on a great show. After all this whining I've done, it really was a great show and the princess part was awesome! To see that part with Lesee was worth all the other stuff that happened. 1/2 of it wasn't as bad as I decided to write about but it was all true.

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