Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday's Belated Totally Useful Information

Remember when I said life was crazy? Yeh, that's the reason there's no TTUI. I don't even know if anyone even reads this anyway so I'm not too worried about it.

Anyway, last night I got up enought guff to finally go and get Ellyse's 4 year old pic's and Allie's 18 month pic.'s and Christmas pic.'s of the girls at Target. Yes, I go to Target because their prices are unbeatable and their pictures are pretty good quality. But, as it took me yet another hour before we actually got in, I thought I'd give a little advice for anyone thinking about stopping in and getting pictures taken there. Because anyone going there needs as much help as possible.
Tuesday's Belated Totally Useful Information: Target Photo Studio Tips

1. They're NEVER on time! Ever.

2. If you decide to take the time and effort to "make an appointment" don't worry because it means CRAP! They accept walk-in appoitments and so even if you make an appointment for say 3 PM, and someone walks in at 2:55 and you're not there, you'll have to wait for the 2:55 people to finish first.

3. They have this outragously riduculous protocol of ONLY allowing 20 minutes for an appointment, even if you have more than one person in the sitting. Even if there's 6 people in your shoot, taking individual pictures, they think that it's only going to take 20 minutes.

4. They also must have some sort of liking with the words "twenty minutes" because every time someone asks how far behind they are, they always respond with "Oh, about 20 minutes." Last night, after I'd already waited about 40-50 minutes, another lady came in with a beautiful young girl all dressed up to get her picture taken and the employee actually said.."We're running about 25 minutes behind, oh, I mean 20 minutes behind." Seriously people, learn not to tell lies and just be honest with your clients! Does anyone else out there loath being lied to like I do?

5. ALWAYS ask for a free sheet of portraits if they make you wait, which they always will. You shouldn't have to wait when you make an appointment. That's the WHOLE reason you make an appointment.

So, in conclusion I've decided that since I've yet to find a better place or a cheaper place or even closer in price place even, I'll be frequenting their establishment again. Next time around however, I'm making an appointment and then when my time for my appointment comes, I'll only call in and see how far behind they are (20 minutes) then I will double the time and THAT'S when my appointment really will be.

Happy TTUI!

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The Fantastic Five said...

I also have had a miserable experience with Target. My only solution is to schedule the very first appointment of the day. I think they make you wait on purpose so that you'll end up shopping and buying to keep the kids happy. I have heard that the Layton Target is a ton better if you're willing to drive. Also I have found the Penney's is about the same price if you sign up for their club which is only $20 and lasts 2 years. I have had all my appointments on time since I switched.